You can tour Tobago comfortably in a day if you really want to, ticking off the highlights as you go. Or you could take a year over it and still have more to enjoy. There are plenty of guided tours available, or you can just rent a car and nosey around on your own. If you’re interested in the flexibility and independence of renting your own vehicle, a valid international permit, or a valid ‘Driver’ permit issued in the UK, US, Canada, France or Germany is required for cars and motorcycles, and can be used for 90 days.

Tobago looks small on the map, but its narrow winding roads mean that it often takes longer than you expect to get where you are going.  There aren’t many gas stations in Tobago, especially north of Scarborough, and they may not be open late or at weekends. So don’t set-off for Bloody Bay or Charlotteville on a Sunday afternoon with a half-empty tank. Gas stations on the Northside Road and the Windward Road are few & far between (in Roxborough and Charlotteville).  Good idea to fill up at Crown Point, Carnbee, Scarborough, Plymouth, Roxborough or Charlotteville.


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