Large map of Tobago

Argyle Falls

A 15-minute forest walk brings you to the stunning three-tiered waterfall. Keep an eye out for wildlife: kingfishers, which nest in the riverbed’s bamboo roots, often can be spotted.

Fort King George

Regally overlooking Tobago’s capital from 140m (460ft) above the Windward Coast, this is the twin islands’ best-preserved historical site.


The steep descent into the fishing village of Charlotteville from the Speyside-Charlotteville road is a truly memorable experience. Don’t miss a trip to spectacular Pirate’s Bay, accessed via a track at the village’s eastern tip.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

Home to abundant flora and fauna, some bird species to look out for include the white-tailed sabre-wing hummingbird, jacamars, and mannequins.

Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool

The largest and most frequently visited of Tobago’s reefs. An arc of five reef flats separated by channels, it boasts a wonderful array of vibrantly coloured aquatic life, including 40 species of coral. French explorer Jacques Cousteau labeled it the third most spectacular reef in the world, and it was declared a marine protected area in 1973. Between the shore and the reef is the Nylon Pool, an offshore sandbar that has formed a metre-deep pool in the middle of the ocean. Glass-bottom boat tours depart Pigeon Point and Store Bay twice daily.

Little Tobago

Just 2 km, a trekkers’ and birdwatcher’s idyll. Glass-bottom boat tours depart Blue Waters Inn twice daily.

Arnos Vale Estate and Waterwheel

Beautiful and rustic, featuring one of the best-preserved colonial-era waterwheels in Tobago or Trinidad.

Kimme Museum: “The Castle”

German-born sculptor Luise Kimme has lived and worked in Tobago since 1979 and produces arresting larger-than-life sculptures hewn from solid tree trunks and inspired by local culture, folklore and the beauty of Tobagonian people.

Other popular attractions:

•    Arnos Vale Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve
•    Botanical Gardens (Scarborough)
•    Bon Accord Lagoon and Wetlands
•    Courlander Monument (Plymouth)
•    Fort Bennett (Black Rock), Fort James (Plymouth), and Fort Milford (Crown Point)
•    Grafton Caledonia Wildlife Sanctuary
•    Mystery Tombstone (Plymouth)
•    Witch’s Grave (Golden Lane)

The legend of Gang Gang Sarah: It’s a story that has been passed down for generations. Legend has it that Gang Gang Sarah was a wise witch (or, depending on who you ask, a soucouyant – a noctural bloodsucking creature of local folklore that can transform into a ball of fire) who flew from Africa to Tobago centuries ago in search of her family. In her old age, after her husband’s death, she climbed a giant silk cotton tree (sacred in many indigenous religions) hoping to fly back to her homeland. But having eaten local salt she was unable to fly, and fell to her death. The “Witch’s Grave” marks where she fell.

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